The Red Bulletin

  • Frequency: monthly
  • Circulation: 2.2 million monthly print copies
  • Publication: print, full-enhanced app and e-paper
  • Distribution: worldwide
  • Countries of Publication: Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Gulf Region, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, UK, USA and Brazil
  • Languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Digital distribution: Google Play Store, iTunes Store, Zinio and Issuu

The Red Bulletin is one of the largest magazines worldwide. Every month it features breathtaking stories full of action, sports, travel, culture and music. Delivering the unexpected, the magazine honors those who don’t play by the rules, who push the limits, have a lust for life, swim against the current, who have a passion for adventure and are not afraid to walk courageous new paths.

The Red Bulletin pulls stories from the sports and entertainment playgrounds of the world with editorial that sets itself apart from any other product on the magazine market. It covers a wide spectrum of international content that reflects local readers’ interests –with a premium level of reporting, photography, design, depth and richness also available digitally as app and e-paper.

The Red Bulletin – a beyond the ordinary magazine.