Short Formats

Short format videos are an important part of the Red Bull Media House media suite. Mostly news & action clips, these productions are packed with action and wow-moments, but always stay focused on the unique stories behind the spectacular footage. We do not only focus on popular sports, we also take a look into unknown and often more regional known sports to complete the circle.

Our portfolio includes standalone web clips, news edits, and clip series that will command the attention of your audience. Ranging from 1 to 12 minutes in length, the clips are available in English and in some other language edits as well. Most of our short formats content is plug-and-play ready through the Red Bull Content Pool.


From our portfolio

Jason Paul Arcade Run

Ever wanted to be a video game hero? Jason Paul did. The world-renowned freerunner grew up on a diet of Prince of Persia and dreamed of defeating Jaffar and releasing his princess. Soon he was leaping scenery just like a real video game character might as a full-fledged parkour athlete, but he never actually became the 2D hero of his dreams – at least not until now! Jason Paul Arcade Run sees him jump blocks and fight his adversaries just like in an ’80s platformer. He even has to defeat a boss.

Year of production: 2014

Dark Woods

Drew Bezanson and Morgan Wade share a love for ripping the biggest ramps they can find. But what could they create if given the opportunity to build their dream set-up? For our new feature Dark Woods, Drew and Morgan were given the freedom to build and ride their dream course among the trees in a serene forest in deepest, darkest South Wales.

Year of production: 2014

Red Bull Kick-It 2014 South Korea

This action clip shows how the selected top 16 players battle head-to-head, to find out who has the best kicks and tricks, and who is the world's best kicker. In detail Red Bull "Kick It" is a premiere 1-on-1 battle style martial arts tricking tournament that is dedicated to the kicking aspect of various martial arts. Each competitor has to compete in two rounds; the first showcasing their tricks, and the second, their ability to break boards with their feet. Following these dramatic displays, a champion is crowned. It is a blend of Taekwondo, Kung-fu, Capoeira, Karate, gymnastics and breakdancing. 

Year of production: 2014

Mac Askill's Imaginate

Two years in the making, street trials rider Danny MacAskill releases his brand new riding film. Whilst previous projects have focused on locations and journeys, MacAskill's Imaginate sees Danny take a completely different approach to riding. Enter Danny's mind and enjoy.

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Language: German, English
Year of production: 2013