Music: an invisible force that moves us. A backdrop to the human experience. And a timeless expression that keeps us looking to the skies, striving for the seemingly impossible.

At Red Bull Media House, we strive to capture that magic every day, always aware of the fleeting nature of the perfect sound. We appreciate what the world wants to hear, and our comprehensive publishing, recording and distribution facilities deliver it to the right audience at the right time.

Whether by scouring the globe for the best in underground talent, or by showcasing the most comprehensive anthology of online radio streams, the power and precision of Red Bull Media House’s music faculty can be yours to harness in unlimited multimedia applications.

Our music portfolio

Red Bull Music Publishing

Professional development for upcoming artists and business entity for partnerships with established artists and brands.

Red Bull Records

Full-service independent record label dedicated to long-term artist development and music synch opportunities for partners.

Red Bull Radio

One of the most listened  online radio stations in the world, on demand music programming with thousands of exclusive shows.