For almost 80 years, television has been an indelible part of the human experience. Although the way we consume television has changed several times, Red Bull Media House has eagerly taken up the challenge of reinventing TV once more.

Three dedicated TV offerings span the full spectrum of Red Bull’s focus areas. Red Bull TV offers action, sports, culture, and lifestyle programming. Servus TV is dedicated to presenting culture, technology and nature programs. And Terra Mater Factual Studios is working to produce the best in nature and geography documentaries and feature films.

By bringing together the most innovative traditional, digital, and mobile broadcast methods, we aim to provide our diverse audiences with the finest quality TV content wherever they are in life, time and space.

Our TV offerings

Red Bull TV

Programming offer for sports, culture, and lifestyle content available globally and in a variety
of forms and broadcasts through different channels.


TV broadcast for Germany, Austria and Switzerland – premium content, focusing on stories of human history, cultures and technologies.

Terra Mater Factual Studios

Production unit specialized in top-end documentary and non-fiction production, featuring genres like wildlife, science, and history.