Red Bull Media House produces news footage on events and highlights from the world of sports and motorsports, including major world series and championships like Formula 1, MotoGP, and Red Bull’s own event series. With nearly 30 years of core involvement in sports and cultural events, we bring you content on par with the world’s most powerful news agencies, and in an entire range of formats:

  • Video material (newscuts, newsclips)
  • Photos
  • Texts/stories
  • Interviews

With a powerful and efficient network of dedicated production personnel, we offer news content that is both exclusive and timely.

Red Bull Content Pool Newsroom

Videos, photos, and press releases, all in one place at the Red Bull Content Pool, available for download and ready for use by any affiliate news editor, anytime. Our correspondents submit a constant stream of footage straight from the field, which is then directly published for your use. The Newsroom offers selected releases in up to 10 languages.