Red Bull
Content Pool

With the Red Bull Content Pool, the Red Bull Media House offers a unique media platform presenting its broad-asset portfolio in the fields of print, TV, film, online and mobile. From thrilling sports to lifestyle, and from culture to ground-breaking photography, Red Bull Content Pool features more than 90,000 high-quality photos and over 15,000 HD videos, all available for download with all rights cleared for editorial use.  

To top off the ever-growing portfolio, the Red Bull Content Pool Premium showcases premium video, TV and cinema products from documentaries and factual entertainment to series and feature films that can be licensed for broadcasting, home entertainment or any other commercial use.

With only a few clicks, global media partners can access both editorial and licence-required products from the world of sports, culture and lifestyle.


Red Bull Content Pool Newsroom

Videos, photos, and press releases, all in one place at the Red Bull Content Pool, available for download and ready for use by any affiliate news editor, anytime. Our correspondents submit a constant stream of footage straight from the field, which is then directly published for your use. The Newsroom offers selected releases in up to 10 languages.