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Red Bull Photography stands for authentic and absorbing imagery telling real stories. Working with a global team of leading photographers, whose access to unprecedented occasions and outstanding people, consistently produces not only extraordinary action sports, but also lifestyle, landscape, culture, portrait and fine art photography for editorial and licensed usage, satisfying media users & buyers around the world.

Photographer Applications
Please note that applications to shoot for Red Bull which are sent to us, will not currently be processed. We are progressing with a new application process, which will occur once a year during a fixed time window. Certain criteria will need to be fulfilled and a selection of images provided. Details will be announced here. Stay tuned.


From our portfolio


When award-winning adventure photographer Michael Clark visited Vancouver Island in 2013, he noted that it would be a perfect location for a future photo shoot. When the opportunity to create a project came about, one of the first ideas he presented was a sea kayaking expedition just off the northern tip of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada with the idea of creating unique and gorgeous images of sea kayakers. Being in one of the world’s most iconic paddling locations he wanted to convey the visceral feeling he felt on his prior trip of being at one with the vast ocean, the overwhelming scenery and the ever-present wildlife.

Two Different Worlds

The idea of combining two different eras in one image whilst separating them via a glass box came about because “The melting of our glaciers and the general changes in nature have concerned me for some time, so I am all the more pleased to be able to realise a project which focuses exactly on this topic” says Photographer Marcel Lämmerhirt.
Outside the box we see the real world – the now. Inside the box we see the time period of the early 21st century, visualised through a skier in traditional ski clothing from the year 1920 – a time when the glaciers of the earth were still intact and imposing.

Windsurf Wonderings

With a focus purely on capturing some striking windsurf imagery that reflected the feel of the sport and its diverse styles of sailing the shoot took the photographer to a number of European locations traveling with the wind to produce a combination of images of freestyle, wave and slalom windsurfing.