Gaming has a bright future in the ever-shifting environment of dynamic entertainment. Red Bull Media House is capitalizing on this fast-growing format through a number of platforms by developing, publishing and managing:

  • Mobile Games
  • Browser games and portal
  • Gaming & eSports Channels
  • Ingame integration

Whether targeting dedicated Red Bull users or creating tailor-made gaming content for affiliated events, we are constantly striving to cover every base in interactive entertainment with our network of world-class developers. By generating millions of downloads and maintaining close contact to highly successful video game franchises, we are able to offer unique partnerships for developing effective marketing strategies for affiliated events and athletes. We develop highly creative communication programs that ensure vertically integrated gaming and branding affiliations across most leading platforms and services.

Closer Look


Closer Look

Red Bull Air Race The Game

It's one of Red Bull's most iconic World Series and bringing the fastest motorsports in the world to your mobile device.
The Red Bull Media House production Red Bull Air Race The Game was a major success on both providers Android and iOS. It was voted by Google as one of the best games of the year 2014.

Click here to download the game.

Gran Turismo 6

Red Bull Media House has been working together with Polyphony Digital and the Gran Turismo series since 2010. In the latest edition, Gran Turismo 6, you can race with several Red Bull vehicles in the Red Bull X Challenge and also get assisted by the world champion Sebastian Vettel. All Red Bull vehicles are exclusively designed by the legendary race engineer Adrian Newey.

Red Bull Reality Check

Neymar Jr., forward at FC Barcelona, takes on the 15 years old Hachim Mastour from AC Milan in a spectacular challenge. The Brazilian superstar took a short break from his football duties to go one on one with one of the world’s most promising football talents. Bringing together the virtual and real world, that's the concept of Red Bull Reality check follows them showing some freestyle action followed by a FIFA 14 game on Playstation. Extraordinary juggling skills and intense matches on the console in this gaming related reality series.

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