Social Media

Red Bull Media House fully integrates social media marketing into every project. From technical integration on digital properties to content strategy for social channels, onsite integration at events, and research into user sharing patterns, everything focuses on the consumer. The result? High-impact messaging that is both authentic and personal.

Red Bull Media House is highly experienced in creating successful, innovative social media strategies. With a networking community of more than 35 million followers across all our dedicated social channels, our integrated approach makes us one of the most comprehensive and flexible media companies in the world today.

In addition to its own networking properties, Red Bull Media House also manages social strategy frameworks for partner projects like films, TV programs, and print media, and drives physical and digital engagement with high-profile events.

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Closer Look

The Art of Flight

The Art of FLIGHT is a perfect example of our seamless integration of social media into film marketing. Our social strategy generated nearly 10 million trailer views and 100,000 Facebook fans, who were linked directly to iTunes movie sales.

Red Bull Stratos

The Red Bull Stratos mission was a record breaking event that saw Felix Baumgartner free-fall jump from more than 23 miles above the earth, while also becoming the biggest digital live event on record. With over 8MM concurrent live streams on YouTube (world record), 3.2MM Tweets on certified hashtags, over half the Twitter trending topics globally, 22,000 photos on Instagram, and over 1MM Likes on a Facebook photo, the Red Bull Stratos project helped to redefine how brands and events can be activated in social media.

An integrated social media strategy was created that worked across the Red Bull Stratos platforms, Red Bull brand platforms, Red Bull athletes, our partners, our opinion leaders and our country communication teams. This ensured that we created tools to help encourage authentic and personal conversation in a structured manner that also generated live viewings of the event.

Prior to the actual event, we developed a social strategy focused on the extraordinary team members, technological advances and challenges, and the scientific data that will be recorded from this mission. We also created multiple interactive elements such as live chats, a platform to allow consumers to ask questions to the team, and a multi-platform event RSVP tool that unifies social invitations across all platforms. This strategy saw more than 2MM new accounts subscribing for Red Bull updates in a span of 15 days prior to the event, and allows Red Bull to now interact with these fans for months and years to come.

For the final mission, we worked to create easy ways to share on all platforms including a Twitter integration on our YouTube page, and created an organized approach to distributing our official hashtags. From this we saw that more than 1MM distinct users contributed to the conversation of the event, not just for a one time participation, but for an extended engagement. Consumer posts increased over the length of the event and yielded a more than 2MM distinct user actions, creating constant conversation and authentic engagement with this event.