in Stadt & Land

  • Frequency: monthly
  • Circulation:
    Austria (ÖAK analysis for 2nd half of 2017, Media Analysis 2017):
    Direct Sales 115,915 copies
    Print run 179,126 copies
    936,000 readers / 12,6% coverage
    Germany (IVW 1st quarter 2018):
    Direct Sales 62.651 copies
    Print run 123.435 copies
  • Distribution: Austria, Germany, South Tyrol, Switzerland, Luxenbourg, Liechtenstein
  • Publication: print and e-paper via i-Tunes and Google Playstore

Servus in Stadt & Land covers the simple things that make life good. Gardening and the great outdoors, food and drink, health and well-being, people and places, traditions and folklore…interspersed with bits of timeless wisdom that is up to the minute in its relevance.

Natural, down-to-earth, authentic, and grounded in the region – that’s the mindset behind this magazine, which features outstanding writers and photographers, meticulously researched articles, and stunning images.

The big success and awareness winning concept already brought along two „spin-offs“ within the Servus family: Servus Kinder (bi-monthly), especially targeted towards children with a high focus on environmental and nature education, as well as Servus Gute Küche, portraying traditional recipes and stories around culinary pleasure.

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