Servus TV

  • Availability: Austria, Germany, Switzerland (cable & satellite) 
  • Advertising: classic TV, sponsoring and special advertising formats, online (display and prerolls) and mobile applications (prerolls)

ServusTV delivers aspirational programs, deeply rooted in the Servus region (Austria, Germany and Switzerland) and conveys the sense of "homeland now", a zest for life and credibility. The TV station displays extraordinary editorial standards and outstanding picture language with an own production share of over 60%.

ServusTV is also committed to remaining at the forefront of technical innovation as Europe’s pioneer in HD broadcasting. Programming highlights include cultural features, entertainment, documentaries, sports and Red Bull TV content. ServusTV provides superior entertainment for a demanding audience in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. 

Many of ServusTV’s programming highlights are licensable.

Advertising – TV and online

Becoming a ServusTV advertising partner offers you the opportunity to place your advertising message in an unique high quality content environment that attracts a premium target group of educated selective viewers with substantial incomes.

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