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Benevento Publishing is a Brand of Red Bull Media House and home to four unique imprints: Ecowin publishing exciting nonfiction books which make it all the way to the top spots of bestseller lists regularly. Servus was established in 2014 to complement Servus TV and the Servus magazines. Pantauro offers mindblowing insights into the world of Red Bull and Benevento will roam the whole world to find the most extraordinary stories.

At a glance:

Fact 1: Outstanding success with four different imprints

Fact 2: “An Appeal by the Dalai Lama to the World” on SPIEGEL Bestseller-List since summer 2015

Fact 3: Pantauro’s “Ikarus Invites the World’s Best Chefs” awarded with “Gourmand World Cookbook Award”

Fact 4: Goal 2016: 100 different titles of the book series DAS GROSSE KLEINE BUCH

Closer Look


Closer Look



“An Appeal by Shirin Ebadi to the world” by Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi

“Fight with words rather than weapons”, states Shirin Ebadi, Iranian lawyer, human rights activist and 2003’s Nobel Peace Prize winner, in her appeal to the world.

Her new book tells the story of her efforts for democracy and human rights, especially for the rights of women and children. Read what she reports on marriage, religion, women in the Iran, the history of her home country Iran, the political and ideological streams as well as about her own pioneering story.

Date of publication: 22nd July 2016.

For more info visit: BENEVENTO

“Soccermatics. Fußball und die Magie der Zahlen” by David Sumpter

How is the Barcelona midfield linked geometrically? How much of a scoreline is pure randomness and how much is skill?

Soccermatics, by David Sumpter, brings football and mathematics together in a mind-bending synthesis, using numbers to help reveal the inner workings of the beautiful game. You will look at football in a very different way after reading Soccermatics.

Date of publication: May 10, 2016

For more info visit: SOCCERMATICS – ecowin Verlag - spezialisierter Verlag für Sachbücher und Enthüllungsliteratur 

“Zwei Stunden. Vom Traum, den Marathon zu laufen” by Ed Caesar

Is it humanly possible to run a marathon in less than two hours?

In his first publication, feature writer Ed Caesar highlights the world's greatest distance runners and gives insights on the quest of running previously unthinkable marathon times. “Zwei Stunden” is more than analytics, it shows how great sportsmen came to break world records in running and what conditions they needed to do so.

Date of publication: April 2, 2016

Find more info here: BENEVENTO/Zwei Stunden