Cinema is the perfect environment to showcase Red Bull’s audio-visual productions. Since the theatrical release of “Mount Saint Elias” (2009), Red Bull Media House has become an industry leader in the production and distribution of non-fiction action sports films and youth-oriented motion pictures.
In all productions, our aim is to elevate the audiences’ experience to new levels of intensity, both through the narrative style and the innovative technologies that we use - as seen in our 2D and 3D titles like „The Art of FLIGHT“ or „Storm Surfers 3D“.

The Terra Mater Factual Studios expand this portfolio by focusing their productions into the world of Nature and Science. Engaging, emotional documentaries and the new genres "natural dramas" and "factual thrillers" complement the bouquet. The natural dramas add real stories to the scripted drama. The factual thrillers blend the borders between fact and fiction by adding a scripted narrative to real news and archive footage, reinterpreting events we all think to know.

Have a look at our feature films and action features.