Terra Mater Factual Studios

Terra Mater Factual Studios’ (TMFS) commitment to the highest production values results in premium factual programming for TV and theatre release. Our core genres are wildlife and nature, science and history. We bring together a wide array of genres and styles to create exciting new straight factual and ‘docutainment’ formats. The borders between fiction and fact become seamless and sometimes dissolve in our large cinematic projects. TMFS collaborates with the best producers, cameramen and directors worldwide and uses the latest cutting-edge equipment to realise our cinematic dreams. There are three key ingredients which make TMFS productions a unique viewing experience:

  • Visual Excellence: Images are more powerful than words in conveying powerful emotions and surprising insights. Fascinating camera shots and unconventional editing set us apart.
  • Innovative Technology: TMFS embraces state-of-the art recording technologies, from super-slow motion to super-time-lapse, to reveal nano-second events and processes so slow their evolution is invisible to the naked eye. Images generated by electron microscopes and computer animation give insight into the microcosm. Special cameras turn night into day. Endoscopes and medical scanners provide an inside view of living organisms. And HDTV is enhanced by a new dimension – 4K at its best.
  • Amazing Storytelling: TMFS uses the dramatic narration dynamics of the feature film to represent reality while upholding the principles of factuality. TERRA MATER presents people who understand our world and tells us stories written by real life.

Terra Mater Factual Studios is based in Vienna and is the new home of the internationally acclaimed production team of UNIVERSUM.

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From our Portfolio


From Our Portfolio

NATURE: Brazil – A natural history

Overwhelmingly beautiful and of gigantic proportions: Brazil. It harbours a diversity of life and a landscape second to none. Each episode presents fabulous sceneries and carefully selected, little known animal species which are waiting right behind the next corner, ready to be explored. The latest in HD technology, night vision camera and extreme macro photography combined will paint a spectacular, multi-faceted picture of a country buzzing with energy.

  • Episodes 5 x 50 min

SCIENCE: Eyes of the Atacama

In the Atacama desert in Chile, one of the world’s driest and most inhospitable regions, the biggest space observatory ever constructed by man has been built.
ALMA – the Atacama Large Millimeter Array – takes space observation to new heights. This documentary depicts how these ’Eyes of the Atacama’ help to investigate the origins of the universe and solve many of astronomy’s greatest enigmas.

  • Episodes 1 x 53 min

HISTORY: The Mona Lisa Mystery

The most famous work of art in human history, the Mona Lisa has become an ideal of beauty and perfection. But Leonardo da Vinci left behind more than just the portrait of a woman – he left us with one of the greatest mysteries of all time. To reconcile the only two existing contemporary reports about the work – both considered completely credible –, there would have to be two versions of the Mona Lisa. With the help of modern forensic methods, fresh sources and the discovery of a new painting, it is now possible to weave together all the facts for the first time.

  • Episodes 1 x 53 min

FACTUAL ENTERTAINMENT: Dedicated to Life – Doctors without Borders

They travel around the globe to care and to cure, dare to enter crisis zones and repeatedly put themselves in danger as they carry out their missions: the people of ‘Doctors without Borders’. Who are these men and women? What do they think?
What do they feel? ‘Dedicated to Life’ gives an insight into the reality of their lives between home and the frontline.

  • Episodes 4 x 52 min